n8 Chiropractic offers the following services associated with your chiropractic care.

n8 Chiropractic uses state of the art technology and advanced Chiropractic techniques in order to provide the best quality care to each of our patients. Before any corrective care or wellness care plan can be presented to our patients we go through a very thorough health and wellness evaluation including history,


“Deviations in the body’s center of gravity caused poor posture, which resulted in intestinal problems, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities, poor health, decreased quality of life, and a shortened life span.”

Freeman JT., Posture in the Aging and Aged Body,; 165(7),pp 843-846 JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)


These three, important spinal-neural tests tell us how stress is impacting your overall health and well-being. They precisely detect where
and how deep the problem is by evaluating your body’s overall ability to adapt to stress, by evaluating the function of muscles that support
your moving spine, and assessing the part of the nerve system that help control your organs,glands and blood vessels.

A full chiropractic evaluation and X-Rays if necessary. If after the evaluation, we find that an exam of your feet is necessary we can also address this onsite.


“The present study demonstrates a significant difference after using the functional orthotics for 8 weeks in foot pain and foot function
and overall health status.”

Rome, PhD, DPodM, K., Evaluating the Clinical Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Foot Orthoses in the Treatment of Plantar Heel Pain,;
Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association • Vol 94 • No 3 • May/June 2004

With all this information in hand we are able to put you on a program of care that best suits the goals that brought you into our office. As part of our standards of care we do regular progress evaluations so we can make sure we are on track with the goals we set out to achieve in the beginning of your program. It is at these evaluations we can see how your care is going and follow up with additional recommendations to help with your continued improvement.

Creating lasting success in our office!

At n8 Chiropractic, Dr. Darrin and Dr. Nick implement core foundational teachings to all their patients to help with a speedy recovery and lead a healthy life. There are certain core principles we need to practice to live the long, healthy and fulfilled life that we are meant to live. If we were to only focus on one of these principles, such as Chiropractic for instance, we would be leaving out other key elements involved in your health and recovery.

While each of these strategies may make sense to you at an individual level, you may not understand HOW THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER and need to be practiced for your body to get well and stay well!The principles or pillars of health we teach out of our office are first and foremost,proper nerve system function, which is your chiropractic care. We help guide and direct our patients on proper nutritional recommendations and how to reduce their toxin exposure. We provide nutritional counselling and use Shaklee products, some of the purest and most effective vitamins and supplements on the planet. We provide postural exercises, stretching, and strengthening programs based on your needs and goals of care. And last but certainly not least we help with stress reduction strategies and teach how your emotions can influence your health.


Remedial Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy available that can help with tonal or whole body health and wellness. Using a system of techniques provided to different areas of the body, massage therapy has been shown to reduce stress, relieve pain, and stimulate and tone the body…to name a few. When used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities and life style changes, remedial massage therapy is a useful and effective tool to help with one’s overall health and wellness.

N8 massage therapy offers exceptional quality service and knowledge. Our therapists have years of experience and continue to educate themselves on the newest and most up to date techniques and therapeutic modalities available. They are able to work closely with the Doctors and other health care providers in the clinic to help you relieve your symptoms, rehabilitate your injury or to continue to help you lead a life of wellness!

The therapists in our office offer swedish massage techniques, deep tissue massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage techniques, prenatal massage, infant massage instruction, and labour support massage.

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