“Been a client here 8 years. Great chiropractors & massage therapists. Great atmosphere. Will without a doubt improve your health & mobility.” – Donna R.

“Doctor Darrin is amazing. He not only welcomes you with a smile at every visit but takes the time to address any questions or concerns you have. The staff are always friendly and welcoming the minute you walk through the door.” – Christine P.

“I have been going to Dr. Darrin for close to 8 years and it has become part of my health routine. After years of playing football my back and neck were a mess and N8 has helped to fix and maintain those fixes. There is a lot to like about N8. I can get appointments when I need, often with a quick text message the day of. I have never waited to be seen. I am often in and out and feel 100x better afterwards. In 20-30 minutes my entire week can change from a physical stand point. I would recommend N8 to family and friends and really anyone who is looking to be healthier and in less pain.” – Darryl C.

“Dr. Darrin and the rest of the staff here are fantastic!” – Josh C.

“Always the absolute best massage from Tempest!!” – Nikki M.

“Went for a massage and the therapist spent lots of time going over some injuries of mine and coming up with a treatment plan. She really took a look over my medical history and tailored treatment for me. She was even willing to accommodate a few requests that are a bit extraordinary. I’ve booked to go back again and would highly recommend them! Can’t wait to go back!” – Danielle

“Dr. Nick is professional, knowledgeable and a master communicator. He not only develops detailed care plans for his clients, but simplifies and communicates the goals in order to keep his clients informed and up to date on their progress. I would not only recommend Nick’s personal care, but his ability to speak publicly to employees and organizations about the benefits of chiropractic!” – Aaron S.

“Very nice service! Doc Nick always does a great job. I highly recommend.” – Fabio P.

“Dr. Nick is very passionate and knowledgeable.” – Brandon G.

“Dr. Thorvaldson has a very pleasant demeanour, very kind and explains his practice well. The office is is a very calm place allowing for relaxation and maximum benefit from the treatments.”

“I have been seeing Dr Darrin for almost a year and can honestly see myself being under his care for years to come. I appreciate so much about him and his method, style and philosophy. I feel comfortable conversing with him about any topic. He is respectful, … , authentic and has always made time for me when I needed to speak with him. I have a number of health challenges that I am concerned about and I am confident that he can help me heal from them. I also have faith that if he feels something is not in his areas of expertise he will refer me to someone who I can also count on.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Darrin for several years and will continue so I’m able to maintain my present level of health.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Darrin for about 4 years now. Initially I did not know very much about network Chiropractic when I started with him, but am amazed at what it has done for me. My seasonal allergy symptoms greatly decreased, my menstrual pain is much less intense, only minor at this point. I was also very happy that he took X-Ray’s of my spine, I never would have known that I had a minor scoliosis curve in my spine (functional scoliosis), which can be helped with chiropractic. Dr. Darrin is not only great at what he does, but he is always patient and willing to listen to me and it makes me feel emotionally supported too. I have recommended Dr. Darrin to many people who are now happy that they have come under his care.”

“I appreciate that Dr. Darrin is very accommodating of my schedule. I can contact his office in the morning and be seen later that day with no wait. I started seeing Dr. Darrin for an injury, but have continued to see him for general maintenance and I always see a difference. I sleep better and am able to recover from physical activity faster.”

“Dr. Darrin has always provided me with heartfelt care and concern for my well-being. I am living better with the care he provides and for that I thank him.”

“When I first met Dr. Darrin he didn’t strike me as the typical chiropractor. His approach & style of communication came from a place of well seasoned intention.
I had been to numerous chiro’s over the years without a sustainable and consistent outcome. Prior to working with Dr. Darrin i was in a season of high frequency growth and was seemingly unable to rely on my core strength. I was intrigued by his resolute and non evasive, non forceful approach to health care through Network Spinal Analysis.
I booked my first session and Dr. Darrin delivered! I had an emotional flood experience that healed up a part of my inner world. Through Dr. Darrin’s gentle care of NSA and by tapping into my innate wisdom, he guided me to release a critical piece that was holding me back. I began to notice a surge of sustainable cellular energy. Sleeping patterns returned to normal and a sense of flow entered my world. The atmosphere and healing environment within N8 Chiropractic and Massage Therapy is one that magnifies healing as it radiates peace, joy and love. When i moved to the west coast, Dr. Darrin continued to serve by helping me source out a great NSA doc near my home. He certainly didn’t have to do this however that’s just what you get when you align with Dr. Darrin. His leaned into my specific energy frequency and graciously guided my being to wellness. What a gem of an experience I’ve had while working with Dr. Darrin. i continue to refer my Winnipeg friends and family to Dr. Darrin and his team at N8 Chiropractic and Massage Therapy with confidence – he delivered for me and will for you as well. I urge you to lean in and align with Dr. Darrin – its a gift you deserve!!”

“Dr. Darrin goes above and beyond when it comes to patient care. I have been seeing him for over 10 years and his chiropractic care has literally changed my life… Highly recommend going to him if you have any health issues at all, but especially if you have chronic back pain.” – Alison S.

“Dr. Darrin is great. I have seen him for both preventative and when ailing.
Highly recommend his services.” – Annie C.